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July 2015
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Brian and Bailey discuss films like Society, Re-Animator, Bride of are-Animator, From Beyond, Frankenstein, Dracula, Honey We Shrunk The Kids, and much much more. 

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John Harrison and Bailey discuss Roger Corman, classic horror, zombies, and everything else ever. 

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Bailey talks to Educardo about his current projects and his experiences working on The Blair Witch Project. 

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As the Vice President of Seraphim, Mark Alan Miller writes, produces, and directs original content alongside master of horror Clive Barker.

Mark has been working as a writer since 2005 when he started as a columnist for OCWeekly. It was this that landed him the position of assistant editor on Barker’s novel Abarat: Absolute Midnight, for which he also directed the promotional trailer 

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This week Bailey and fellow FANGORIA family member Joe Derosa discuss The Lost Boys. Bailey gets off topic and goes on tangents and only brings up Kathy Najimy like twice. Also Dianne Wiest. 

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This week Bailey has the show producer, FANGORIA's Ken Hanley in the studio. They discuss horror in 2015 and get derailed with random nonsense over and over! 

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In this week's episode Bailey has Tom Holland (Child's Play, Thinner, Fright Night, and more) on the show! They discuss their love of older horror films, practical effects, and much much more! Tom also gives words of wisdom to new film makers who are keeping the nightmare alive! 

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  • Bailey and Zac discuss the finer things in life like cheesey 80's horror and all things Troma! Bailey discusses her upcoming cameo in Return To Nuke Em High Vol. 2 and Zac promotes the Troma Kickstarter! 
  • You can #SaveNukeEmHigh by donating here in the next 14 days!!
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